TEC Essential Requirements


Essential Requirements (ER) for TEC certification is available for the following equipment categories – Information Technology, Future Network, Fixed Access, IoT / M2M, Mobile Technology, Radio, Switching and Transmission.

Essential Requirements for each equipment type have the following five aspects to be tested for a product to be considered conformant – Technical requirements, Security, EMI/EMC, Safety, Other (IPv6, etc).


Lab Scope


CNLABS has completed accreditation from NABL, required of all TEC approved test CABS to support testing of technical requirements for Routers, Switches, Firewalls, GPON, Mobile and IPv6.

The IPv6 test requirements prescribed by TEC in most of the ERs is a subset the IPv6 Ready Logo Test Requirements. As a globally approved 17025 accredited IPv6 Ready Logo Test Lab, CNLABS already has the required competencies to support IPv6 testing for all network equipment.

CNLABS is ready to undertake pre-testing of equipment. We plan to be an Designated TEC CAB by Dec 2018, in time to support network product vendors from 2019 when the TEC mandatory certification program for all telecom equipment gets into place.

We are in the process of adding test coverage for addtional technical requirements and plan to add security certifications when finalized by DoT. We work with partner labs for EMI/EMC and Safety Testing for all equipment.


Scope Summary


  • Technical requirements -> Information Technology, Switching, Fixed Access,  Mobile Technology, IoT / M2M (Planned)
  • Other requirements (SAR, IPV6 etc) -> Only IPv6
  • Security -> Planned
  • EMI/ EMC -> Supported through partner labs
  • Safety -> Supported through partner labs

Not supported today: Future Network, Radio, Transmission.


Application Process


All applications for MTCTE certification can be submitted at the MTCTE application portal when the program goes online. Commercials are agreed upon between the lab and network product vendor or the certification partner.


Write to us at tec-certification@cnlabs.in for additional details