IPv6 Ready Logo

IPv6 Ready Logo Program is a conformance and interoperability testing program from the IPv6 Forum to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is ready to be used. The IPv6 Ready Core Logo (Phase 2 Gold) verifies compliance to several RFCs from IETF. The tests for core protocols require products to conform to both conformance and interoperability tests from the IPv6 Forum. Extended test categories for IPsec, IKEv2, DHCP, SNMP, MLDv2, CE Routers are available for products that pass core specification tests. Product vendors must work with one of the IPv6 Forum approved labs to get their products certified.

IPv6 Ready Logo Approved Labs

CNLABS is a globally approved IPv6 Ready Logo Test Laboratory.  Specifications and Tools development for The IPv6 Ready Logo program are supported by the lab through the IPv6 Ready Logo Technical Group. Conformance to IPv6 RFCS are also a key requirement in the Essential Requirements laid out by the TEC for telecommunication equipment sold in India.

There are several advantages to undertake testing through an approved laboratory

  • Reduced test setup time
  • Accurate interpretation of the complex test specifications
  • Ensure proper test procedure for cases that require manual interactions
  • Quicker analysis and convergence of failed test scenarios
  • Proper testing and organization of test logs before review & approval by IPv6 Ready Logo committee

IPv6 Conformance – Core Protocols

  • Approximately 450 test cases for host and router conformance
  • All test scenarios captured in IPv6 Core Protocols Test Specification (Version 4.0.7) and IPv6 Core Protocols Interoperability Test Scenario(Version 4.0.4)
  • The specifications address RFC 2460 , RFC 4291 , RFC 4861 , RFC 4862 , RFC 4443, RFC 1981
  • Devices have to be classified as host or router based on which the right test scenarios are identified
  • The IPv6 Core Interoperability test requires testing against 4 different Vendors with different IPv6 Stacks. The counter implementations must be 2 Routers and 2 Hosts

Classification of DUT

The Device Under Test needs to be classified as either Host or Router

IPv6 Ready Logo – Host Requirements

  • Ability to configure a global address and default router by receipt of Router Advertisement.
  • If the device is a Special Device and it does not support configuring the address automatically, the device must have the ability to assign an address on the attached interface manually.
  • If the device is a Special Device and it does not support setting the default router automatically, the device must have the ability to set the Reference Router’s address as default router manually.

IPv6 Ready Logo – Router Requirements

  • Ability to transmit Router Advertisements with a positive AdvValidLifetime
  • Ability to transmit Router Advertisements with a positive AdvDefaultLifetime

Common Requirements – Host and Router

  • Ability to use a ping6 application and print out results indicating the receipt of an ICMPv6 Echo Reply
  • Ability to show multicast ping result indicating the receipt of each ICMPv6 Echo Reply

Approaches to IPv6 Certification

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