IPV6 Test Programs Offered:

IPv6 Ready Logo Program

The IPv6 Ready Logo Program is a conformance and interoperability testing program from the IPv6 Forum  intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is ready to be used.

As an approved IPv6 Ready Logo Testing Lab, CNLABS helps in test specification, test tool development and review of test results.

Over the last several years, based on market needs, the IPv6 Ready Logo program has expanded coverage for IPv6 core protocols and added to the scope several new areas like IPsec, IKEv2, DHCP, SNMP, MLDv2, NEMO, SIP, IMS UE, MIPv6, CE Routers and 6LoWPAN.

CNLABS takes an active role in supporting and developing the test specifications and test tools required for the experimental programs like 6LoWPAN that are relevant to customers in India and globally.

Getting engaged

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CNLABS is an Approved IPv6 Ready Logo Laboratory

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