Emerging network transformation technologies in SDN, NFV and IoT domains typically involve integration of several products that affect the end solution outcome. Interoperability testing of the products and solutions is essential to ensure that the products and solutions meet solution requirements and do not interfere with baseline product and solution performance.

CNLABS offers several hardware and software interoperability programs for product vendors and network operators. We have extensive experience in working with different types of customer requirements and solutions and help in program creation, test strategy and validation.

Some of the interoperability programs undertaken by the laboratory are listed below.

  • Interoperability Verification Testing for Virtual network solutions
  • Interoperability testing for 6LoWPAN devices like Energy Meters
  • NFV validation for network operators

CNLABS is a Cisco approved solution interoperability test lab for the Aironet Wireless Developer Platform.

Write to us at info@cnlabs.in  for a detailed presentation and overview