Criterion Networks & CNLabs significant contributors to OSSDN project, Atrium

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has announced the second release of Atrium, an open SDN software distribution, by extending it to the OpenDaylight platform. This release builds on the first open SDN software distribution, Atrium 2015/A, released by the organization last June. Atrium 2016/A is a vertically integrated set of open source components that together form a complete SDN stack and is designed to facilitate the networking industry’s adoption of open SDN by integrating established open source SDN software with some critical connecting pieces.

The focus of the second release of Atrium is the incorporation of OpenDaylight into the Atrium router. The router in this release is built on the OpenDaylight framework and controls OpenFlow® hardware switches using Quagga’s open-source implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), a control plane protocol for Internet routing. The most important features of Atrium’s first release, namely flow objectives and device drivers, are implemented in the OpenDaylight Device Identification and Driver Module (DIDM) that allows the router to work across multiple different OpenFlow v1.3 hardware pipelines.

Criterion Networks contributed extensively to the implementation of flow objectives interoperability module for the Opendaylight platform and Criterion Network Labs (CNLabs) was involved in the performance and validation aspects. Read more about the project on the ONF blog and the news.