Open Stack Driver Compatibility Testing

The program provides validation of vendor extensions for Open Stack. Coverage includes functional testing of drivers on various hypervisors,  driver interoperability in a multi-vendor environment, deployment use cases, performance & scale aspects. The driver compatibility program is currently focused on Neutron/ML2 and Nova modules.

Open Stack Logo Program

Pre-testing of OpenStack based vendor distribution for the OpenStack Powered Logo program. Tests are run for Platform, Compute and Object Storage for the mandatory test cases identified in the Defcore repository to enable the vendor to apply for the Open Stack interoperability logo. Additionally, the core test cases can validated for interoperability on the CNLabs multi-vendor interoperability test-bed.

Cloud Portability

This program addresses application portability on private clouds deployed across different Open Stack distributions. The test plan has considerations for performance, scalability, latency, security and HA in addition to functionality. The interoperability program is presently being extended to address public cloud interoperability (EC2 APIs, etc).