SDN applications interact with controllers to program the network. With a variety of different SDN controllers available in the industry and the emergence of more than one popular southbound protocol, there is a possibility of inconsistency in the implementation of infrastructure components, potentially leading to unexpected behavior of SDN applications.CNLABS’s new application interoperability program helps application developers validate product behavior in a multi-vendor and multi-protocol environment.

The program validates application interaction with the network using both commercial and open-source SDN controllers and switches in a multi-protocol environment. All testing is done using an application interoperability test plan from CNLABS.

The test plan takes a three-pronged approach to validating application interoperability, with a distinct focus on application functionality, network infrastructure, and deployment scenarios.

Program Benefits

  • Validate consistency of application behavior across major SDN frameworks
  • Broad Interoperability coverage: SDN controllers, north and south bound interfaces, integration, vendor extensions, resiliency, and scale
  •  CNLABS Interoperability test bed includes major vendor and open-source SDN infrastructure elements
  • Test coverage based on CNLABS vendor-neutral test plan
  • Flexibility to accommodate vendor-specific requirements
  • Comprehensive test report and certificate of interoperability for all compliant SDN applications

A detailed program brochure can be found here pdf_icon