CNLABS will host its first SDN/NFV interoperability event at Bangalore, India. The interoperability event will focus on use cases of interest to CNLABS SDN/NFV Alliance Members. The primary focus of the event will be orchestration of network services in the data center.

  • Use cases based on alliance customer requirements
  • Cloud and On-site test beds
  • Open source and vendor participation
  • Hackathon based on Open CORD 2.0
  • Registration is free for CNLABS Alliance Members

We welcome our alliance members and customers to join us in Bangalore, India to be part of this event .


CNLABS will conduct interoperability testing of different product vendors on use cases of interest to CNLABS SDN/NFV Alliance Customers.

  • The event is open to vendors of network devices, VNFs, orchestrators, SDN controllers, DC applications (Security, Analytics, Monitoring)
  • Legacy and NFVI network infrastructure
  • On-site and virtual test-beds
  • Default integration – Open Stack (Mitaka) with KVM for VIM infrastructure, OSM for MANO and ML2, ODL, ONOS and Open Contrail for networking
  • Pre-integration of vendor specific orchestrators and VIMs possible on virtual test-beds
  • Extended testing on virtual test beds will be available for CNLabs SDN/NFV Alliance Program members after the interoperability event

Why Participate

  • Customer use case driven annual interoperability event
  • Good intersection of community and vendor specific orchestrators
  • Transparent test reports do not identify vendor names
  • Opportunity to continue testing after the interoperability event
  • First such vendor neutral interoperability event in the geography



Provisioning, deployment, configuration, monitoring, scaling and fault handling of simple and complex VNFs using different orchestrators. Verification of operational scenarios for customer use cases in the data center will include :

  • Validation of use cases involving VNFs from different vendors
  • Choice of orchestrators
  • VNF onboarding, life cycle management and orchestration
  • VNF scaling
  • Network service definition, provisioning, monitoring for legacy and virtual network functions
  • Service chaining with overlay and underlay deployments
  • Resilience and HA


  • Details of product, desired interoperability focus and participant details to be provided during registration
  • At-least one person from each vendor is required during onsite testing
  • All participants will be bound by mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed during registration of the event. CNLabs SDN/NFV Alliance Members have an option to share test results with end customers if desired
  • Pre-integration is recommended for SDN controller vendors and vendor specific MANO and VIM products
  • On-site test-beds available for pre-integration 2 weeks before the event
  • Virtual test-beds available for pre-integration after registration
  • VNF vendors who pre-integrate on virtual test-beds can get baseline test results using Open Stack, Open Contrail and OSM on day of the event allowing them to use the on-site test time more effectively
  • Switch vendors providing overlay / underlays and physical network product vendors can participate only during on-site testing
  • Products must be shipped to the event location at-least one week ahead of the event

Key Milestones

  • Registrations open
  • Virtual test-beds available for pre-integration
  • weekly planning meetings
  • Physical network devices arrive at the venue
  •  On-site integration
  • On-site testing based on pre-assigned time slots
  • Test reports published
  • Self testing available on virtual test-beds for CNLabs SDN/NFV Alliance Program members

Participating Organizations