SDN/NFV Alliance Overview


To ensure successful integration and deployment involving SDN, NFV and MANO from different product vendors, it is essential to validate interoperability, performance and scale based on specific customer needs. The CNLABS SDN/NFV Alliance program provides a framework for solution testing based on customer requirements for network product vendors.

  • Network Product vendors get annual solution test reports and interoperability validation through yearly interoperability events
  • End user members get independent test reports across various vendors products targeted to their individual virtualized network & cloud solution needs


Alliance Benefits

    Product vendors

  • Third party test reports on product interoperability and performance
  • Validation of product for end customer driven use cases
    & deployment scenarios
  • Access to a broad spectrum of products for interoperability testing
  • Continuous engagement and discounted pricing for lab programs
    Service Providers and Enterprises

  • Comprehensive solution test reports from an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • Independent and objective test reports on product functionality
  • Influence product vendor roadmap and industry direction
  • Further partner relationships with member companies who have proven deployable solutions

Program Details


  • Annual solution test reports are based on end customer deployment scenarios for service provider, data center, enterprise use cases
  • Solution requirements are sourced from Network Operators & Enterprise Customers who evaluate and deploy SDN/NFV products in their networks
  • Member product vendors get detailed test reports on specific operator requirements that was identified
  • Network Operators get access to independent test reports across various vendors products that are tested for their specific virtualized network & cloud solution requirements
  • Test reports would include the name of the product vendors only if the product vendor provides consent
  • Product vendors need to be an existing customer, be a lab sponsor or register with a membership fee of USD 10K to be an Alliance Member
  • End user membership is free

Member Obligations

  • End-User members must provide requirements for three use cases of interest annually
  • Product vendors have to ensure that their products are available in the lab for the duration of the program and be able to support testing during the interoperability events. They also need to identify their target customer type and provide support as needed.
  • Vendors have an option not to share the test results publicly with the operators. Only generic test results will be shared with the operators in such cases


Write to us at to request a membership application or for additional details